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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

पूश्च पृथ्वी बहुला न उर्वी

पूश्च पृथ्वी बहुला न उर्वी

अग्ने त्वं पारया नव्यो अस्मान् स्वतिभिरति दुर्गानि विश्वा
पूश्च पृथ्वी बहुला न उर्वी भवा तोकाय तनयाय शंयोः
agne tvaṁ paarayā navyo asmān svatibhirati durgani viśva
pūśca pṛthvī bahula n urvī bhavā tokāya tanayāy śamyoḥ

तैत्तरीय संहिता  १  १४  १२
taīttarīya saṁhitā   1  14  12

O god of fire,  
you are worthy of extreme praise,..
Please take us beyond great difficulties through the painless paths of which you are the master.  
May the earth,our home town, and homeland become wide and extensive  and may the arable land in our possession be ample and yielding.  
May the lord be pleased shower happiness on our children and their children and further generations

This innocent prayer  to Agni is for the welfare of the earth , the motherland and for the prosperity of agriculture 
and also a prayer directed at the welfare of our future generations. 
The basic trait of our culture was unselfishness.  
Whatever prayer you will find in Vedas and other scriptures,
 it will be for the common good.


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