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Friday, June 11, 2010

one time affairs

सकृत् जल्पन्ति राजानः
सकृत् जल्पन्ति पण्डिताः।
सकृय् कन्याः प्रदीयन्ते
त्रीण्येतानि सकृत् सकृत्॥
sakṛt jalpanti rājānaḥ
sakṛt jalpanti paṇḍitāḥ|
sakṛy kanyāḥ pradīyante
trīṇyetāni sakṛt sakṛt||

चIणक्य नीति
caṇakya nīti
സകൃത് ജല്‍പന്തി രാജാന:
സകൃത് ജല്‍പന്തി  പണ്ഡിതാഃ
സകൃത്  കന്യാ: പ്രദീയന്തേ
ത്രീണി ഏതാനി സകൃത് സകൃത്

A king spells out idiotic orders only once, 
 a scholar can err in words only once, 
a girl can be given in marriage only once,  
 these three are one time affairs.
If a king continues to talk and act meaninglessly, his existence at the throne will be short lived. 
The subjects will find a better person to rule over them. 
This is a point that appears to be lost in absolute terms among our professional politicians but the people are equally to blame because such madcaps return to power too. 
 If one considers himself a scholar and desires to be considered so, he must be clear and articulate in his writings.  If he falters even once, his fall from favour can be abysmal. 
Usually the parents have to find a suitable match for their female offspring only once. 
Of course this is not a universal fact anymore.. at present, the parents' role anyway is limited, the individual preferences vary, 
 (so I have simply quoted chanakya on the third point  for record purposes alone)

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