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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

beware of bad words

ललितान्तानि गीतानि कुवाक्यान्तं च सौहृदं।
प्रणमान्तः  सतां कोपो याचनान्तम् हि गौरवं।
lalitāntāni gītāni kuvākyānta ca sauhda|
praamāntah satā kopo yācanāntam hi gaurava|


Songs conclude with soft notes, 
intimate friendships get broken by exchange of unpleasant words,  
the anger of  a noble man disappears completely  when he is mollified  through a pranaam  
and one's  self respect and dignity is lost irrecoverably once he starts begging.

Unfortunate and impolite  exchange of words between friends too often results in snapping of the lifelong  relations in many cases. 
 If a really noble person is angry for some reason,  his anger could be pacified if the wrongdoer  admits his error and makes respectful  amends for the offence.  
A man, however elite his position is, if he is brought  down to the position of begging,  all his dignity  will be thrown to winds. 
And melodies conclude with soft notes…that is a happy thing.


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