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Wednesday, June 01, 2011


It was a day of uncontrollable tears and agony for every person belonging to Sekharipuram agraharam on the fateful 26 th of April, 2011. We lost our own Ayyappan on that day being taken away from all of us through an accident, the autorikshaw driven by him colliding with a lorry and killing the boy and also a beloved middle aged couple  of our own agraharam. It would be difficult to say when and how we will escape from that shock.
Ayyappan or Varadarajan, from the family of the temple priests of our village, was a ubiquitous presence in our village, even from his childhood days.  As he was a  cute and vivacious child all of us loved to talk to him and play with him,  As he grew up he fitted into the profession of a priest of a temple, in his case the devoted servant of Mahaganapathy of our village. He was resourcefulness personified even as a boy and once he took over the job of looking after the poojas of Ganapathy, the fame and attendance to our temple increased by leaps and bounds.  By his special and concerted efforts, he started performing special poojas in the temple on Sankataharachaturthi  evenings with the participation and support of the learned grihastas well-versed in vedas and rituals, and people thronged the temple from far  and near.  For full sixteen years or more it was a period of glory to the temple.  The boy did not confine himself to the pooja alone.  His would be the first presence in any festive occasion in the agraharam, and he will be ready will all assistance when someone was ill, or some sad things happened to any of the people of the agraharam.  In this he did not consider caste or community.  He was the friend of all, of all ages.  His large smile  radiating complete innocence and his universal  concern for all  enlivened every  assembly. He never harboured   dislike for anybody.  A boy from Krishna, sent as a boon to our agraharam.
But the bonhomie was not for ever.  The lord who gave us the boon,  cruelly withdrew it  and called him back to his own Divine abode.  We mortals can only stand back on the earth and watch the star soaring to heaven. 
As a mark of our gratitude to this boy, the agraharam committee is planning to do something to honour his memory.  Please click  the link..
If any of the readers know Ayyappan  or know Sekaripuram Agraharam, then please follow this link  and please pray for that boy and do something...Namaskarams

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