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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

these four can make or mar you

सुहृदि निरन्तरचित्ते गुणवति भृत्येऽनुवर्त्तिनि कलत्रे।
स्वामिनि सौहृदयुक्ते निवेद्य दुःखं सुखी भवति॥११०
विष्णुशर्मणः पञ्चतन्त्रे मित्रभेदे॥
suhṛdi nirantaracitte guṇavati bhṛtye'nuvarttini kalatre|
svāmini sauhṛdayukte nivedya duḥkhaṁ sukhī bhavati||110
viṣṇuśarmaṇaḥ pañcatantre mitrabhede||

If one can explain  about his own woes and sufferings to 
 (1) A friend who is always having genuine concern and  undeterred love for the former, 
(2) a faithful servant who is of good character  
(3) a wife who is understanding and accommodating, and 
(4) A boss  who has reasonably good heart filled with sympathy for his subordinates, 
 the agonies can be mitigated and he can be expected to lead a hassle free life.

Here one has to remember  a selfish friend,  a wayward servant, a wife without any concern for the husband and a callous  boss individually and in combination, could the cause of all agonies one has to face.

 Our whole  lifetime is almost fully shared by these four.

A so-called  friend who can double-cross on you at the drop of a hat can seal your fate.  
But a faithful friend will espouse your case in any forum and bring you succour. 
 A good servant is one who would willingly keep aside his selfish interests for the welfare of the master. 
 But servants who have joined you just to ensure your annihilation are a common sight. 
This  also applies to subordinates in the managerial hierarchy.  
The one person with whom one has to share his life in all its aspect is his wife.  

If the views and attitudes of the wife are at loggerheads with his own peace of mind, it is better that the victim abandons normal life and go to forest to live the life of a mendicant. (Chanakya has said.. "Maatha yasya grihe naasti bhaarya cha priyvaadinii  aranyam tena ganthavyam yadaaranya tato griham...if  one is not having his mother at home and the wife if not favourably disposes, he can shift his residence to forest all alone, since forest would definitely a better abode under the circumstances") .

If one is blessed with a master who is understanding most of the former's problems in life are gone for ever.  
But if the boss is a nagging one always holding on to the principle that the role of the  Manager to find fault with the subordinates and  just pass on the bucks to them, the employee's life turns into a veritable hell.  
The heat of this inferno ought to have been felt by men in all professions and avocations at some point of time.


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