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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

please have your baths quite often in the day.

गुणा दश स्नानशीलं भजन्ते बलं रूपं स्वरवर्णप्रशुद्धिः
स्पर्शश्च गन्धश्च विशुद्धता च श्रीः सौकुमार्यं प्रवराश्च नार्यः॥२९॥
श्रीमहाभारते उद्योगपर्वणि प्रजागरणपर्वणि विदुरनीतिवाक्ये अध्यायः ३७
guā daśa snānaśīla bhajante bala rūpa svaravarapraśuddhi
sparśaśca gandhaśca viśuddhatā ca śrī saukumārya pravarāśca nārya||29||
śrīmahābhārate udyogaparvai prajāgaraaparvai viduranītivākye adhyāya 37

The advice of Vidhura to his elder brother and King Dhritarashtra covered a large area of  dos and dont's in human activities. 
 Here he is extolling the benefits of regular bath. 

Ten benefits visit a person who makes it a habit to take bath every day. 
(1) Strength. 
(2)  Physical beauty. 
(3) clarity of tone 
(4) clarity in pronounciation 
(4) softness and suppleness for touch
 (6) sweet aroma as the body odour is driven away
 (7) self-purity  
 (8) continuing youth,
 (9) immense wealth 
and last but not at all least 
(10)  company of beautiful ladies.

This would appear to be an excellent advertisement for some toilet soap..

I wonder why the soap giants do not look up such free and catch publicity matter.. 
they can make some fellow with long beard and saffron cloth  chant this advice of Vidura and push their soaps in the market.

Seriously, Indians were always votaries of constant baths and ablutions and toilet papers did not attract their fancy in any way.  
A nice bath makes one healthy mentally and physically. 
The clean body repels germs and parasites.  
The organs are cleaned and so they function effectively.  
It would be difficult for one's wife and children to keep company with a person if he has not taken bath for a few days and is carrying with him the consequent stench.  
People who are romantically oriented should keep in mind that the cleanliness gained through a good bath will play an important role in acquiring romnatic contacts and retaining them.. 
The strength, clarity, intelligence etc., kept  in place through personal hygiene (here bath is the most important recipe) 
 make one blessed with good income and wealth. 

So everyone please have your baths quite often in the day.


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