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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

nothing is flawless

अनन्तरत्नप्रभवस्य तस्य हिमं न सौभग्यविलोपि जातम्।
एको हि दोषो गुणसन्निपाते निमज्जतीन्दोः किरणेष्विवाङ्गः॥३॥
महकविकालिदासविरचिते कुमारसम्भवे महाकाव्ये प्रथमः सर्गः
anantaratnaprabhavasya tasya himaṁ na saubhagyavilopi jātam|
eko hi doṣo guṇasannipāte nimajjatīndoḥ kiraṇeṣvivāṅgaḥ||3||
mahakavikālidāsaviracite kumārasambhave mahākāvye prathamaḥ sargaḥ

This is a great quote from Kalidasa's kumarasambhavam.   The great Kavyam starts with an elegant description of the Himalaya Ranges.  It would be difficult to see any other description of the Himalayas to better the one by the gifted kalidasa..".poorvaparau thoyanidheevagahys stitah prithivya iva maadadaH... just dipping his eastern and western tips on the oceans the great mountain spreads over the Asian continent resembling a measuring rod devised to measure the circumference of the earth..".
After showering praise on the pristine beauty of the emperor of mountains, Kalidasa is stuck with the little inconvenience encountered in the environs of the mountain...its snowfilled climate.. Then the great poet makes this observation..
 " For him (the Himavan) the presence of a minor flaw in the form of snow does not mar his complete blessedness and beauty as the source-house for all the great gems and herbs.  He is endowed with so many great accomplishments and a single flaw, therefore,  recedes into insignificance...Is not the craters on the face of the full moon submerged or rather effaced by the cascading  cool, soothing and pleasant rays of the moon?

Now it is another story   that more than the gems, the snow in the peaks of Himalayas have made the mountain ranges eternally glorious... The beautiful tourist spot, the source of all the major rivers in the Indo-Asian subcontinent... and at present  we are apprehensive of global warming affecting the abundance of snow in the Himalayas. 
No mortal being is perfect, nor is he an epitome of all virtues.  Maybe all creations are shaped as the images of the Supreme Lord, but none of them ever attain the perfection of the source. Even the most beautiful things usually have some inherent flaw.  It is for the human mind to accept this fact and  enjoy the beauty without being skeptical about some small flaws which deserve to be ignored. 
However,  we cannot ignore the presence of nasty minds which could see only the flaws. 
People with good heart are even apprehensive that very perfect things, if seen by eyes with evil intention, would perish. Don't  we see young mother placing a tiny  black mark of soot or some such black material on the chubby cheek of her baby as if to conceal its beauty and ward off evil eyes?

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