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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do not let that black treasure who is also called Krishna leave your heart even for a split second

Do not let that black treasure who is also called Krishna leave your heart even for a split second 

अस्ति स्वस्तरुणीकराग्रविगलत्कल्पप्रसूनाप्ळुतं
वस्तु प्रस्तुतवेणुनादलहरीनिर्वाणनिर्व्याकुलं।
स्रस्त स्रस्त निरुद्धनीविविलसद्गोपीसहस्रावृतं
हस्तन्यस्तनतापवर्गमखिलोदारं किशोरकृतिः॥१-२॥
श्रीकृष्णकर्णामृतं   लीलाशुककृतं
asti svastaruṇīkarāgravigalatkalpaprasūnāpḻutaṁ
vastu prastutaveṇunādalaharīnirvāṇanirvyākulaṁ|
srasta srasta niruddhanīvivilasadgopīsahasrāvṛtaṁ
hastanyastanatāpavargamakhilodāraṁ kiśorakṛtiḥ||1-2||
śrīkṛṣṇakarṇāmṛtaṁ   līlāśukakṛtaṁ

There shines forth the supreme object manifest in the shape of an adolescent youth holding in His hands all the benevolence, Grace  and  path to heavenly abode  to be  granted to all who just bow before Him. 

He is filling the universe with ecstasy in the form of divine music  flowing from the flute held on his lips uplifting all to the state of Nirvana and absence of any worldly woes.  

He is surrounded by thousand  beautiful girls of cowherd clan (Gopis)  whose upper clothes are repeatedly sliding  down from the places they are supposed to cover  and are repeatedly held back by the girls with their tender hands  

 He is deluged with the flowers being showered on him by the celestial Kalpaka tree through the hands of the daughters of heaven, the Apsaraas.

The infinite being that is Krishna is seen in His  earthly form  by one of His fervent devotees,  Bilvamangala or Leelashuka. 
This is the enigma of Krishna.  
His staunchest devotees know that 
He is, and nothing else is, the Supreme being ..formless, infinite,  the Parabrahma   But still they love to portray Him in an earthly form.  
Sadasiva Brahmendra, a recluse who simply walked all along the  banks of Kaveri river,  without covering his body with even  scant clothing and always in delirious contemplation of the Supreme Soul, requests his own mind to dwell upon the Parabrahama which Graces the earth with its hair adorning the feather of an intoxicated peacock, its cheeks challenging the newly sprouted leaf with its nascent hue,  whose eyes hover with desire around the ample bosom of the goddess of wealth, and who is growing as the divine tree in the humble abodes of his devout servants.
( मदशिखिपिञ्चालंकृतचिकुरे महनीयकपोलविजितमुकुरे श्रीरमणीकुचदुर्गविहारे सेवकजनमन्दिरमन्दारे मानस सञ्चर रे ब्रह्मणि मानस सञ्चर रे madaśikhipiñcālaṁkṛtacikure mahanīyakapolavijitamukure śrīramaṇīkucadurgavihāre sevakajanamandiramandāre mānasa sañcara re brahmaṇi mānasa sañcara re)

May Krishna bless us

Sadasiva Brahmendra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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