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Sunday, June 05, 2011

keep mind password protected..

सिद्ध्स्यैव कार्यस्य प्रकाशनं कर्तव्यं॥१२१॥
मनसा चिन्तितं कार्यं वचसा न प्रकशयेत्।
अन्यलक्षितकार्यस्य यतः सिद्धिर्न जायते॥
siddhsyaiva kāryasya prakāśanaṁ kartavyaṁ||121||
manasā cintitaṁ kāryaṁ vacasā na prakaśayet|
anyalakṣitakāryasya yataḥ siddhirna jāyate||

"One should make public  only  actions which have yielded success.."
tells Chanakya,
the popular couplet, 
"you should never divulge what plan of action is taking shape  in you mind, because there will always be someone watching to thwart your progress, and hence an incomplete action plan  disovere  by others will never reach its proper and successful culmination"
In statecraft and in life management, strict reticence  should be the watchword. 
Take the game of cricket.  Every player right from Tendulkar to the tailender would like to crack a century in each innings.  But no purpose would be served  by telling everyone about the intention.  For the great  batsman it would become an impediment since the opposite team will single him out to thwart his target.  The tailender, on the other hand will become a laughing stock immediately. So vocal announcement  of intention is of no use.
 This is more important in real  life situations. Every youngster writing a competitive examination is determined to get high ranks.  But during preparation for the test, or before knowing the result, he would never divulge how he has performed.  After the results come and he has come out with flying colours, it is gala time and he can reel out any yarns about how hardworking he was, how many hours he toiled etc.  But if he just tells everyone that  he  has done very well and in a few days he is  going to don the attire of a collector or a policeman, the first reaction of others in the open will be a smirk.  Their jealousy will be triggered if he  appears good enough.  Either of them is not a good situation.   In various law enforcing operations, and espionage, the capacity to keep the mouth and mind shut is the primary quality expected of the participant.  Life is like that.  The winner takes all and the loser gets only ridicule. So why invite ridicule?

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