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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can't we try to reverse the trend?

व्याघ्रीव तिष्ठति जरा परितर्ज्जयन्ती
रोगाश्च  शत्रव इव प्रहरन्ति देहं।
आयुः परिस्रवति भिन्न्घटादिवांभो
लोकस्तदाप्यहितमाचरतीति चित्रं॥३८॥
भर्त्तृहारेः वैराग्यशतकाद्
vyāghrīva tiṣṭhati jarā paritarjjayantī
rogāśca  śatrava iva praharanti dehaṁ|
āyuḥ parisravati bhinnghaṭādivāṁbho
lokastadāpyahitamācaratīti citraṁ||38||
bharttṛhāreḥ vairāgyaśatakād

yet another quote from Vairagyasatakam of Bharthruhari
" The old age is hovering around us with threatening noises like an enraged tiger,  diseases are hitting the body as if they are our worst enemies,  the lifespan is just draining out like water filled in a broken earthen-pot,  but still people follow the path of evil alone, how strange it is."
The life is short..and as our sojourn on terra firma extends, we get debilitated by old age which is only  a preface to our going back to where we came from, and the diseases are the bosom friends of the old age.  Our lifetime on this earth is depleting fast like water stored in a porous pot.  The belief is that we have strayed on to this earth to do something good and leave it as a better place compared to what it was when we came in. But we always pollute the earth and its environs with our evil actions and thought.. and ultimately we succumb to the inevitable.   Can't we  try to reverse the trend?. Sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something bad.

।श्रीकृष्णो रक्षतु।
|śrīkṛṣṇo rakṣatu|
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan
त्यजन्तु बान्धवाः सर्वे निन्दन्तु गुरवो जनाःI
तदापि परमानन्दो गोविन्दो मम जीवनंII
let all my relatives abandon me, let the great people insult me, still I am in supreme bliss since my life  is GOVINDA alone.
Iकृष्णात् परं किमपि तत्वं अहं न जाने"I
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु।
lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu|

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