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Monday, June 13, 2011

tenacity is the watchword

विपदि धैर्यमभ्युदये क्षमा
सदसि वाक्यपटुता युधि विक्रमः।
यशसि चाभिरतिर् व्यसनं श्रुतौ
प्रकृतिसिद्धमिदम् महात्मनां॥५२॥
भर्त्तृहरेः नीतिशतकात्
vipadi dhairyamabhyudaye kṣamā
sadasi vākyapaṭutā yudhi vikramaḥ|
yaśasi cābhiratir vyasanaṁ śrutau
prakṛtisiddhamidam mahātmanāṁ||52||
bharttṛhareḥ nītiśatakāt

this is a very famous quote from Bharthruhari..too famous to be repeated but too good not to record. This sloka deals with the distinguishing  qualities of a noble person.
Absolute boldness and presence of mind while facing danger,  extreme humility and patience while in affluence,  exemplary eloquence while presenting important issues in an assembly of the learned men, unconquerable valour and leadership in war,  abiding interest in keeping ones own good name and deep involvement in learning scriptures and sciences ---these are inborn characteristics of the noble men.

Life is a saga of ups and downs.  No one can avoid bad times.  When one is in dire straits only the tenacity of spirit can keep him afloat.  There is a sunrise at the end of the darkest night... but the wait is too tough.   When one is in affluence, the usual subordinate evil in the shape of arrogance runs the roost. If the wealth is properly used and shared generously, such wealth will become good insurance for a bad day.  Knowledge without skills of presentation will never get recognition.. Physical prowess and leadership qualities should compliment such knowledge.  And if one is not careful not to blot his copybook  he will sink into oblivion.  And all good qualities can come only through assiduous learning process.


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