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Sunday, June 19, 2011

right connections take one to dizzy heights..

Right connections take one to dizzy heights..

गुणवदाश्रयान्निर्गुणोऽपि गुणी भवति॥१७६॥

गुणवद्वस्तुसंसर्गात् याति स्वल्पोऽपि गौरवं।
पुष्पमालानुषङ्गेन सूत्रं शिरसि धार्यते
guṇavadāśrayānnirguṇo'pi guṇī bhavati||176||

guṇavadvastusaṁsargāt yāti svalpo'pi gauravaṁ|
puṣpamālānuṣaṅgena sūtraṁ śirasi dhāryate

Many of the aphorisms of Chanakya may look very ordinary .. but we have to remember that the advice, even though apparently very commonplace acquires immense value when it comes from a great master. 

Chanakya says.. " A person bereft of any virtues or accomplishments would be able to acquire virtues and gain attainments by keeping constant contact with virtuous and accomplished people'

A supporting subhashitam is
" By constant contact with an object of great utility, silly and insignificant things also will gain importance. A string also gets placed in the beautiful hair of a damsel because it ties together flowers of immense beauty and fragrance."

In real life we find that this idea finds its full manifestation in the way the secretaries or even peons or sweepers attached to the office or the household of an important personality behaves. 

It is like telling that the large lumps of droppings of an elephant are also assuming identical importance as the elephant itself. 

But it is a stark reality of life. 
Our lives can be put in jeopardy by the silly but deliberate action of a tailpiece of a VIP.
Often, even if the God is prepared to grant you a boon one has to please the puujari (the priest) if things are to move in the proper direction. 
We see such subordinate deities in huge numbers in any mega the middle management level.. 
Their influence will be obvious at the crunch situation. 

If the big boss is taking a decision on the annual placement of staff at various levels, he will, in all probability, spell out the general policy and the subordinate deity fills up the real columns in the order with names, places and posts..
Here he can play havoc if he is not placated adequately.

In Hindu way of life we are very conscious of the influence of the satellite and subordinate deities. 

Any person entering the temple will pay obeisance to the deities guarding the entrance. 

Maybe one set of sages like the Sanalkumara brothers could overrule the gatekeepers Jaya and Vijaya guarding Vaikuntam and barge into the presence of Lord Vishnu, even after cursing the gatekeepers,
 but that is only a case of exception proving the rule.


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