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Saturday, June 04, 2011

steady and steadfast

वाङ्ग् म आसन् नसोः प्राणश्चक्षुर् अक्ष्णोः श्रोत्रं कर्णयोः।
अपलिताः केशाः अशोणा दन्ता बहु बाह्वोर् बलं॥१॥
ऊर्वोर् ओजो जङ्गयोर् जवः पादयोः।
प्रतिष्ठा अरिष्टानि मे सर्वात्मानिभृष्टः॥२॥
IIअथर्वणवेदं १९--६०II
vāaṅg ma āsan nasoḥ prāṇaścakṣur akṣṇoḥ śrotraṁ karṇayoḥ|
apalitāḥ keśāḥ aśoṇā dantā bahu bāhvor balaṁ||1||
ūrvor ojo jaṅgayoor javaḥ pādayoḥ|
pratiṣṭhā ariṣṭāni me sarvātmānibhṛṣṭaḥ||2||
atharvaṇavedaṁ 19--60

This is the prayer for all-round healthy existence... the prayer is found in Atharvanavedam..and is addressed to the Almighty
May I have strong sweet and effective words in my mouth,  healthy and effortless breath in nostrils.
Bright and clear vision in my eyes, clear, sweet and sharp hearing in my ears.
May I have hairs that do not turn grey, may my teeth be strong and white and shoul not turn red and decay, May I have great strength for my arms
May I have power is my thighs, may I be swift in my movements with strong legs, and may my steps be always steadfast,
May all my limbs remain without injury may my soul remain unconquered...

The pundits of wholesome health of the present generation  should understand that our ancient forefathers of Vedic era were fully conscious of its importance. The rituals and activities of that age were always in positive synchronisation with that idea.  The idea of living a life in such healthy condition at least for hundred years was the expectation of all.
And people were really healthy in those days...Arjuna and Krishna participated in the Mahabharata war when they were above  fifty but there is no history of their teeth being lost, having hearing problems  or their using any hair dye. Even the aacharyas like Bheeshma and Drona who might be shown as greybeards in serials have no history of any physical ailments although their ages should be a few hundred years if  the history and the fiction are to be in sync.

The atharvana manthram should be a very effective publicity material for every spa, resort or campaign for holistic living..
I wish all are blessed by the Universal Soul with such health, without  cholesterol, hypertension,  heart block, arthritis, cataract, diabetes,  Alzheimer's and all such diseases.


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