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Saturday, June 18, 2011

on ganapathi homam

While on ganapthy homam I  would like to quote a story from Aithihyamala of Kottarathil Sankunni. In a ganapthy temple of limited resources, the priest was not having enough time to light two sources of fire, the oven for preparing naivedyam, and the kundam for ganapathy homam . So he would just chant the moolamanthra of Lord Ganapathy  and offer the homadravyam in the oven which is lighted in the thidapally(kitchen) . Envious people reported this to the king. The priest was the last word in  devotion, although. The king visited the temple unannounced to see the mischief of the priest. Even after seeing the king the priest was unperturbed. He said that he has offered the cocanut and sarkara( unrefined  sugar candy)  to Ganapathi and He was happily eating it. 
He told the king that he could see it himself but he should peep into the oven with at least one eye closed. The king looked in and saw the Lord Ganesha sitting in the fire and happily receiving the offerings. 
However the one eye that saw this could not see anything else in this world after that. He lost the sight of that eye. 
Ganapthy is not a stickler on procedures. He will receive whatever we give with love, and return the love N to the power of million times.

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