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Thursday, June 23, 2011

be near the centre of power

आसन्नमेवे नृपतिर्भजते मनुष्यं
विद्याविहीनमकुलीननमसम्स्कृतं वा।
प्रायेण भूमिपतयः प्रमदाः लताश्च
यत्पार्शतो भवति तत्परिवेष्टयन्ति॥३६॥
विष्णुशर्मणः पञ्चतन्त्रे मित्रभेदात्॥
āsannameve nṛpatirbhajate manuṣyaṁ
vidyāvihīnamakulīnanamasamskṛtaṁ vā|
prāyeṇa bhūmipatayaḥ pramadāḥ latāśca
yatpārśato bhavati tatpariveṣṭayanti||36||
viṣṇuśarmaṇaḥ pañcatantre mitrabhedāt||

This is from a narration of a story in Panchatantram in the mitrabhedha section. 
Some very important persons always are influenced by the immediate presence, and advise of subordinates in close proximity .. this sort of advice can come from persons among the personal servants of a king or a top bureaucrat, maybe, a household servant or a personal launderer or a barber or a gatekeeper or an arrogant wife or an imbecile progeny. However uneducated and unsuitable they are they  influence him with some remarks or advice.   As a generalization,the poet says, the kings, ladies and the creepers always simply grow their tendrils and climb up the things which are very near them.

The working of kitchen cabinets in the centres of power are landmarks in the history and growth of any civilization.  The great Prince Rama was denied the kingship by Dasartaha sitting in the harem of Kaikeyi, his favourite wife  Duryodhana went by the advice of his maternal uncle and ubiquitous companion Sakuni. These are all stories.  What happened during contemporary landmarks in history  and who wielded the real power are  well known...the coterie or kitchen cabinet.  Many a times the king or boss signs papers presented to him at home virtually ensuring that he is hanging himself and his image and often the kingdom or organisation he heads  is taking an abysmal dip.  Instead of being born as a bureaucrat at middle manager lever, it would be more comfortable if one is born as the pet dog of the top boss.
Strangely enough the middle chap when he climbs up the ladder creates his own coterie and old friends and well-wishers are relegated to the dustbin.

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