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Thursday, August 19, 2010

character is the charm

character is the charm

मित्रं स्वच्छततया रिपुं नयबलैर्लुब्धं धनैरीश्वरं।
कार्येण द्विजमादरेण युवतिं प्रेम्णा समैर्बान्धवं॥
अत्युग्रं स्तुतिभिर् गुरुं प्रणतिभिर्मूर्खं कथाभिर्बुधं।
विद्याभी रसिकं रसेन सकलम् शीलेन कुर्याद्वशं॥
mitraṁ svacchatatayā ripuṁ nayabalairlubdhaṁ dhanairīśvaraṁ|
kāryeaṇa dvijamādareṇa yuvatiṁ premṇā samairbāndhavaṁ||
atyugraṁ stutibhir gururṁ praṇatibhirmūrkhaṁ kathābhirbhudhaṁ|
vidyābhī rasikaṁ rasena sakalam śīlena kuryādvaśaṁ||

 One can always maintain intimacy with  bosom friends by being just natural.
 With appropriate strategy and show of strength one can keep his enemy at bay.
A miser can be kept pleased only by supply of more funds,

One's favourite God can be propitiated through service ( to all humans).
 A beautiful young lady can be made happy through romance

One's relatives will be happy if one shows the sense of equality and identify with them. 

We lose many close relations by flaunting our own so called status. 
For the parents we are just the sons and daughters 
and for the siblings we are only brothers or sisters.

To keep a ferocious thing   away from attacking us is only by vocal praise or even flattery
( the ferocious thing can appear in so many forms....wife, boss. mother in law,  to cite a few examples) . 

The only way the preceptor can be kept   happy is by prostrating at his feet 

The learned person will be pleased when one shares his knowledge and erudition  with humility.  . 

 One can keep the friendship of an inveterate idiot only by engaging him with silly talk.

 A connoisseur in fine arts will be pleased when the art is performed to perfection.

 And everyone in the world will be pleased with one's good manners
and character.

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