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Sunday, August 15, 2010

worst sins

worst sins
अकार्यकार्यवकीर्णो स्तेनो भ्रूणहा गुरुतल्पगः।
वरुणोऽपामघमर्षणस्तस्मात् पापात् प्रमुच्यते॥
akāryakāryavakīrṇo steno bhrūṇaha gurutalpagaḥ|
varuṇo'pāmaghamraṣaṇastasmāt pāpāt prmucyate||

महानारायणोपनिषत्  १-----६८
mahānārāyaṇopaniṣat  1-----68

the Lord of Waters and the destroyer of Sins Varuna, will expiate one who worships the gods of water, of even the five mahaapatakas or most heinous sins , 
(1) working contrary to the dictates of the scriptures, 
(2)  being disloyal to one's own promises out of cowardice 
(3) causing destruction to the human foetus in the womb 
(4) indulging in robbery or coveting the wealth of others and 
(5) causing disrespect to the preceptor by entering his bed .

This mantra has twin  purpose. First, to extol the greatness of  water... it is said to  release one from the panchamahapaatakas themeselves.  

However,  it should not be taken as  a licence  to commit sins.  One should not think that he can gleefully commit all the sins and wash off his hands. 

 Secondly the moral standards of our ancestors were of the highest order. 
One can feel here
 the absolute faithfulness to the Vedas. 

 Our ancestors strongly believed that if solemn promises made by the constituents of the society are not kept it would lead to imbalance even in the working of natural forces.  
When Yudistira lied even once partially, it is said that his chariot which always moved floating about one foot above the ground suddenly dropped down to the earth with a thud.  

At present  our society is very permissive about termination of pregnancies but our ancestors could not condone it. 
They believed more in continence. 
In fact sexual copulation was ordained to be limited only for the furtherance of the race. 
The fate of Aswathaama who  directed the Brahmasiraastram and Apandavaastram  on the womb of Uttara to annihilate the foetus of Abhimanyu's son growing there is well known.   The foetus was protected by the Lord and Ashwathama was cursed suffer eternal pain,
And unfaithfulness to Guru.. is never to be tolerated..

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