pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, August 13, 2010

they keep us alive

अमृतं सद्गुणा भार्या अमृतं बालभाषितं।
अमृतं राजसम्मानं अमृतम् मानभोजनं॥
amṛtaṁ sadguṇā bhāryā amṛtaṁ bālabhāṣitaṁ|
amṛtaṁ rājasammanaṁ amṛtam mānabhojanaṁ||

The following are like elixir for a man's life.  A wife with adorable qualities, presence of small children at home with their endearing talks,  obtaining honours and awards  from the king or the government, and the capacity to have daily meals in an honourable  way.
Once a schism develops between a man and his wife, the lives of both are lost for ever. At present we are trying to find many alternate remedies for it but it would appear definite that for the human race the pairing of one male and a female for a lifetime is the happiest thing .  Without  children with their plays and pranks, every house is empty..The children may be sons and daughters, grandchildren or great grandchildren. In fact our affection for them increases exponentially with advancing generation.  To be honoured for the services rendered for ones own country is the proudest achievement any human being can aspire for. And if a man reaches a stage in life where he has to search for food even abandoning his dignity, he is more dead than alive.

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