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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

the supreme virtues and vices

लोभश्चेद् वद गुणेन किं पिशुनता यद्यस्ति किं पातकैः
सत्यं चेत् तपसा च किं शुचिमनो यद्यस्ति तीर्त्थेन किं।
सौजन्यं यदि चेत् बलेन महिमा यद्यस्ति किम् मण्डनैः
सद्विद्या यदि किं धनैरपयशो यद्यस्ति किम् मृत्युना॥
lobhaśced vada guṇena kiṁ piśunatā yadyasti kiṁ pātakaiḥ
satyaṁ cet tapasā ca kiṁ śucimano yadyasti tīrtthena kiṁ|
saujanyaṁ yadi cet balena mahimā yadyasti kim maṇḍanaiḥ
sadvidyā yadi kiṁ dhanairapayaśo yadyasti kim mṛtyunā|

If one is greedy he is doomed even without other nasty traits in his character. 
 If one is a professional scandalmonger, why should he have any other sin to ruin himself?  
If one is absolutely devoted to truth, other penances may not be necessary  for him. 
 If one's mind is devoid of all evil thoughts,  pilgrimages will have nothing to add to his glory. 
 If one is having sterling character,  he need not  depend on brutal physical strength for his survival and safety.
 If one's standing in the society and fame are impeccable , he will not have to use ordinary embellishments and jewelry to make him presentable.
 If one has in-depth knowledge  wealth may be superfluous to him. 
And for a man with self-respect, if he is involved in a scandal or a sinful  action, it is worse than death for him.

The poet in his mood of exaggeration has highlighted certain virtues and vices,  but it is true that especially when vices are concerned they come united like a herd of wild elephants..  and virtues are seen in isolation.


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