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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

kaamokaarshiid manyurakaarshiid namo namah

कामोऽकार्षीन्नमो नमः।  कामोऽकार्षीत्काम करोति नाहं करोमि कामः कर्ता नाहं कर्ता कामः कारयिता नाहं कारयिता एष ते काम कामाय स्वाहाः।
मन्युरकार्षीन्नमो नमः। मन्युरकार्षीन्मन्युः करोति नाहम् करोमि मन्युः कर्तानाहं कर्ता मन्युः कारयिता नाहं कारयिता एष ते मन्यो मन्यवे स्वाहाः।
महानरायणोपनिषत्         ६१         ६२
kāmo'kārṣīnnamo namaḥ|  kāmo'kārṣītkāma karoti nāhaṁ karomi kāmaḥ kartā nāhaṁ kartā kāmaḥ kārayitā nāhaṁ kārayitā eṣa te kāma kāmāya svāhāḥ|
manyurakārṣīnnamo namaḥ | manyurakārṣīnmanyuḥ karoti nāham karomi manyuḥ kartā
nāhaṁ kartā manyuḥ kārayitā nāhaṁ kārayitā eṣa te manyo manyave svāhāḥ|
mahānarāyaṇopaniṣat         61         62
  Salutations to the gods. Desire performed the act. Desire did the act. Desire is doing the act, not I. O Desire, fascinating in form, let this oblations be offered to thee, Hail
  Salutations to the gods. Anger performed the act. Desire did the act. Anger is doing the act, not I. O anger, let this oblation be offered to thee.
These mantras as from Taittariya Aranyaka of Krishna Yajurveda.  The latter is found in rgveda also.  Brahmins belonging to the Krishna yajurveda school, chant a shortened form of this manthra every day once during  the oblations to  Sandhya three times a day.  On the upakarma day, this year it falls on today, this manthra  in shortened form is repeated 1008 times as expiation by way of confession that many of our acts are instigated by desire and anger over which we have little control most of the time, and, therefore we are trying to propitiate them so that they will get out of our way.

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