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Sunday, August 08, 2010

tribute to mother of muses 2

त्वया जुष्ट ऋषिर्भवति देवि त्वया ब्रह्मागतश्रीरुत त्वया।
त्वया जुष्टश्चित्रं विन्दते वसु सा नो जुषस्व द्रविणेन मेधे॥
tvayā juṣṭa ṛṣirbhavati devi tvayā brahmāgataśrīruta tvayā|
tvayā juṣṭaścitraṁ vindate vasu sā no juṣasva draviṇena medhe||

महानारायणोपनिषत् ४१------------२
mahānārāyaṇopaniṣat 41------------2

this is the second manthra praising the mother of muses. 
Oh Mother, one who has the fortune of having a glimpse by your sacred eyes becomes a seer, he becomes the knower of Brahma, blessed by you he  comes into possession  of bounteous riches,,, Therefore, Mother Intellect, please be kind on us.

This manthra again is a reinforcement of the staunch belief of the vedic man that knowledge flows from the godhead and wealth and fame flows from such knowledge.  The loftiest intellectual of the period must have discovered such manthras but he is humble enough and bereft of any arrogance... he acknowledges the source of what he has very sincerely.. a full and true disclosure.

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