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Friday, July 22, 2011

All enmities vanish with death

महात्मा बलसंपन्नो रावणो लोकरावणः
मरणान्तानि वैराणि निर्वृत्तम् नः प्रयोजनम्॥१११-१००॥
श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामयणे युद्धकाण्डे
mahātmā balasaṁpanno rāvaṇo lokarāvaṇaḥ
maraṇāntāni vairāṇi nirvṛttam naḥ prayojanam||111-100||
śrīmadvālmīkirāmayaṇe yuddhakāṇḍe

mahaatmaa balasaMpanno raavaNo lokaraavaNaH
maraNaantaani vairaaNi nirvR^ittam naH prayojanam..111-100..
shriimadvaalmiikiraamayaNe yuddhakaaNDe

This statement will show why Rama is called the greatest human being ever born.  Ravana is killed in battle and Rama has restored His own honour and also the honour of his clan.
 He has established Vibheeshana as the king of Lanka. 
 Now he is paying tribute to his very valorous adversary, Ravana in a conversation with Vibheeshana..

" Ravana was a great person, exceptional in his strength and was capable of vanquishing the whole world.  All enmities vanish with death. Our mission is now complete."

What a nobility!. 
 Ravana has committed the most heinous crime of abducting the Divine Mother Seetha. 
 Rama and his trusted lieutenant Aanjaneyaswamy tried all that they could do to avoid a gory battle, which ultimately consumed Ravana.  
But Ravana was adamant and arrogant.  
Ultimately he fell to the arrows of Rama. 
 The Lord has enough reason to feel bitterness towards Ravavana, but He is full of respect and admiration to the fallen Hero.  Yes, enmities can be sustained at the worst till the enemy dies.

And what a strong enemy indeed was Ravaneswara!..
 The great scholar of Vedas who could mesmerize Lord Shambu Himself with his musical rendering of Samaveda, to find an eternal place in the hall of fame of the devotees of Shiva..
The great warrior who vanquished the whole world and placed even the terrestrial planets under his feet as the stepping stones to his throne. 
It would be difficult to find such an anti hero in the annals of any sublime literature.  The death at the hands of the Supreme Lord Himself is not at all a failure. Indeed, the great Ravaneswara had ultimately realizing the ultimate purpose of  his existence when the noble adversary is paying such a tribute to the fallen hero

A comparison from English literature  ..  Shakepearee's  fallen Lady Macbeth. 
To quote professor Bradley from his Shakespearean Tragedies.
 "The reader who looks unwillingly at Iago gazes at Lady Macbeth in awe, because though she is dreadful she is also sublime".


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