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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Pity them, or curse the fate?

अजानन् दाहात्म्यं पततु शलभस्तीव्रदहने
स मीनोऽप्यज्ञानात्बडिशयुतमश्नातु पिशितं।
विजानन्तोऽप्येते वयमिहविपज्जालजटिलान्
न मुञ्जामो कामानहह गहनो मोहमहिमा॥१८॥
भर्त्तृहरेः वैराग्यशतकात्
ajānan dāhātmyaṁ patatu śalabhastīvradahane
sa mīno'pyajñānātbaḍiśayutamaśnātu piśitaṁ|
vijānanto'pyete vayamihavipajjālajaṭilān
na muñjāmo kāmānahaha gahano mohamahimā||18||
bharttṛhareḥ vairāgyaśatakāt

ajaanan daahaatmyaM patatu shalabhastiivradahane
sa miino.apyaj~naanaatbaDishayutamashnaatu pishitaM.
vijaananto.apyete vayamihavipajjaalajaTilaan
na mu~njaamo kaamaanahaha gahano mohamahimaa..18..
bharttR^ihareH vairaagyashatakaat

A thoughtprovoking sloka from vairagyasataka.
We all know that the termites attracted by the bright light and not realizing  the terrible heat that will covert them to ashes, fly into the tongues of fire.  The poor fish, noticing a big peace of worm attached to the fishermans sharp hook bite the worm with greed and get pieced and caught by the terrible hook.  These actions arising out of ignorance can be condoned, but for such actions they have to pay the ultimated price.  But we humans, fully knowing the dangers of excessive desire for money and lust for carnal activities  go in full strength for money and carnal pleasures, simply prodded by our own lust and avariciousness.  Indeed, inscrutable are the powers of desire.

Wise men talk of the human frailty of falling into a pit at daytime, the pit having been dug up by himself in the darkness of the earlier night. A person falling prey to some dangers unwittingly can at best be called an idiot.  But when it comes to amassing wealth, black white or red,  even the most intelligent person throws to wind all scruple and sin delberately.  The same attitude overtakes them  when they goes for intoxicating drinks and pursuit of shortlived desires which are sure to land in a quagmire from which ha has no escape,  what can the hapless onlooker do?
 Pity them, or curse the fate?


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