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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bitterness concealed even under a heavy coat of sugar will show up

अशङ्कितमतिः स्वस्थो न शठः परिसर्पति
न चास्य दुष्टा वाक्चापि तस्मान्नास्तीह संशयः।१७-६०।
आकारश्छाद्यमानोऽपि न शक्यो विनिगूहितुं।
बलाद्धि विवृणोत्येव भावमन्तर्गतं नृणां॥ १७-६१
श्रीमद्वाल्मीकीये रामIयणे युद्धकाण्डे
aśaṅkitamatiḥ svastho na śaṭhaḥ parisarpati
na cāsya duṣṭā vākcāpi tasmānnāstīha saṁśayaḥ|17-60|
ākāraśchādyamāno'pi na śakyo vinigūhituṁ|
balāddhi vivṛṇotyeva bhāvamantargataṁ nṛṇāṁ|| 17-61
śrīmadvālmīkīye rāmayaṇe yuddhakāṇḍe
the slokas are numbered 63 and 64 in the Gita press version of Valmikiraamayanam

Vibhishana, after having a difference opinion with his brother Ravana on the queston of abduction of Maatha Seetha, has abandoned Lanka and has come in refuge before Lord Rama. 
 Sugreeva and others are apprehensive whether Vibhishana is only a spy of Ravana who has come to harm Rama. 
The opinions of the various ministers are invited. 
Lord Hanuman while favouring the acceptance of Vibhishana  after considering his behaviour and demeanour, expresses his opinion ,
as described  in the above slokas.

" I could find no ulterior motives in his words.  
If he were deceitful he could not  have moved before us with this  amount of comfort.  
Even if he puts on an affected face showing sincerity, if he has come with an intention to cheat, his general carriage would have betrayed him.  
 It is difficult, nay, it is impossible, for a person to conceal his real intentions and motives before others, howsoever he is an expert in putting on acts. 

The opinion of Sri Hanuman, shows how great He was as a student of human psychology. 
Bitterness concealed even under  a heavy coat of sugar will show up ultimately. 

It is to the credit of Lord Rama that before accepting Vibhishana, the envoy sent to examine him verbally and also to watch his demeanour was Lord Hanuman himslef.

 This is another great lesson in statecraft and espionage.


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