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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I salute such detached souls.

I salute such detached souls.

धन्याः खलु महात्मानो मुनयस्त्यक्तकिल्बिषाः।
जितात्मानो महाभागा येषां न स्तः प्रियाप्रिये॥
प्रियान्न संभवेद् दुःखमप्रियादधिकं भयं।
ताभ्यां हि ये वियुज्यन्ते नमस्तेषां महात्मनां॥ २६--४९-५०॥
श्रीमद्वाल्मिकिरामायणे सुन्दरकाण्डे
dhanyāḥ khalu mahātmāno munayastyaktakilbiṣāḥ|
jitātmāno mahābhāgā yeṣāṁ na staḥ priyāpriye||
priyānna saṁbhaved duḥkhamapriyādadhikaṁ bhayaṁ|
tābhyāṁ hi ye viyujyante namasteṣāṁ mahātmanāṁ|| 26--49-50||
śrīmadvālmikirāmāyaṇe sundarakāṇḍe

This is an exclamation of Sita,  a note in introspection  while She is   imprisoned under a simsupa tree in Ashokavana in Ravana's Lanka...
Her remarks were being listened to   by Hanuman before actually meeting the Divine mother.  
The contents are more relevant than the scene here.

"Indeed blessed are the noble person and sages who are devoid of any blemishes in thoughts and action. 
For these great persons who have gained absolute victory over their senses and body functions, there are no likes and disliked.  
Because they are detached from everything in absolute terms they need not suffer the grief coming out of the negligence of the loved ones. 
 Nor have they to suffer the fear or anxiety stemming out of the evil deeds of the enemies. 
I salute such detached souls".

The greatest credit to be given for the divine mother is that She is maintaining an admirable quantum of discretion and sanity even at the face of the worst that could happen to Her.
A lady born in a noble family , married to another equally noble family,  she had to suffer the sojourn in forest for about 14 years
and when the vanavaasa was about to be completed, she is abducted by a demon and imprisoned in a fortress which cannot be breached by anyone  in the normal course.

What else could be expected from her other than despair and despondency?

She keeps her head on her shoulder.
 Hats off to, nay, pranaams to the Divine Mother.


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