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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a calm before the storm.

अग्निस्तेजो महल्लोके गूढस्तिष्टति दारुषु
न चोपयुङ्ग्ते तद्दारु यावन्नो दीप्यते परैः॥५६॥
स एव खलु दारुभ्यः यदा  निर्मथ्य दीप्यते।
तदा तच्च वनं चान्यन्निर्दहत्याशु तेजसा॥५७॥

श्री महभारते उध्योगपर्वणि प्रजागरणपर्वनि विदुरनीतवाक्ये अद्यायः ३७

agnistejo mahalloke gūḍhastiṣṭati dāruṣu
n copayuṅgte taddāru yāvanno dīpyate paraiḥ||56||
sa eva khalu dārubhyaḥ yadā  nirmathya dīpyate|
tadā tacca vanaṁ cānyannirdahatyāśu tejasā||57||
śrī mahabhārate udhyogaparvaṇi prajāgaraṇaparvani viduranītavākye adhyāyaḥ 37

agnistejo mahalloke guuDhastiSTati daaruSu
n chopayu~Ngte taddaaru yaavanno diipyate paraiH..56..
sa eva khalu daarubhyaH yadaa  nirmathya diipyate.
tadaa tachcha vanaM chaanyannirdahatyaashu tejasaa..57..
shrii mahabhaarate udhyogaparvaNi prajaagaraNaparvani viduraniitavaakye adhyaayaH 37

Usually when we notice some person or object which is calm a quiescent our tendency it to presume that such person of object is harmless.  And some perverted fellow would go to the extent of provoking such things. But they are wooing trouble.
The unfathomable energy of fire resides in concealment in the pieces of wood, and the fire does not consume the logs unless they are subjected to friction by others.  The same fire when kindled (or provoked out) from the small pieces of wood burns to ashes the whole forest and all other things around.

The traditional method of getting fire was by causing extreme friction between two pieces of wood (called arani).  The same practice can be seen at the commencement of yagaas(fire sacrifice) today where this traditional mode is recalled to get fire which is the starting point of the fire rituals.  The study of sources for energy has also led us to the conclusion that the energy converted into starch, celluloid and other material through photosynthesis is lying concealed in such materials.  When frictional  force is applied to wooden pieces which are nothing but solidified energy the matter burns itself  and once the burning process starts, the fire turns its terrible tongue to gobble up all the matter around it causing untold destruction everywhere.
People with wealth of education, physical prowess and other endowments often remain calm and unobtrusive.  But the average onlooker could see greatness in people who make a lot of noise even though they are more like empty drums.  The really strong people do not care much about the popular concept.  They continue to remain calm.  But our tendency is to provoke the calm person and purchase irreversible damage in the bargain.  Lord Shiva, the energy personified was unnecessarily targeted by the flowery arrows of Kamadeva and the provoked Lord simply burned up the Indian Cupid(kamadeva) with a single sharp glimpse.  The same thing happened to Sukanya who poked a twig into the termite hill which was actually the Sage Chyavana sitting in penance.  In tamil there is a proverb,  chumma irukkira shanka aandi oothi keduthaanaam... சும்மா இருக்கிற் சங்க ஆண்டி ஊதி கெடுத்தானாம் (the mendicant ruined the peace for himself and others by blowing a conch which was remaining silent for years and years.)

We have to be extremely cautious in judging people especially when they are calm and quiet.  It may be just a calm before the storm.


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