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Friday, July 29, 2011

i point my fingers at these funny people

My guns are trained against only the pseudo platitudes and dropping of high sounding definitions that this open   statement of mine would attract and I can
predict with precision who will all wisecrack and hand out definitions

the real human starts to exist when the dividing line between knowledge and wisdom becomes something not exactly definable, something like the triple
point state we encounter in thermodynamics. 

If the statement comes from a person I  consider really wise I have absolutely no hesitation in  accepting it. 

Simply throwing up two words wisdom and knowledge and making pious comments or

echoing upon some old platitude is not acceptable.

 I should know what I know and

I should also know what I do not know.

If these conditions are fairly satisfied, then wisdom starts.

Sanskrit is just another language and
explaining the vigraham or samasam  or some old quote from Sanskrit will not carry us anywhere.

 The persons

with knowledge were always aware that they had their limitations.


did never  take the weapon.. that part of his operation was entrusted to
Mourya the Chandraguptata.. there lies his wisdom. 

I have seen and recorded so many confessions in my
professional life. 

I have extracted confessions from tax evaders... there is
no realization for them.. The confessions are simply ad hoc. They retract
the averrments within the shortest possible time.

 Where is the realization

 Immediately after an amorous experience, a person even gets so

satiated that he/she may promise that there will never be a second look at the
other sex.

 For how many minutes will such vairagyam endure?

And if true realization occurs then the person will not be there either as knowledgeable

or wise...the state he reaches will be above these two.
I respect viewpoints

of all but I hate pseudo intellectualism.. I know personally that I  have
contemplated on many things, experimented with many thoughts much more  profound  than the
pearls of wisdom I encounter in these threads.

 My guns are trained against them  who simply reel off inarticulate sentences as if they were propagating Gospel truths..

People scratch the backs of people whom they know and are attracted to in ways best known 

only to themselves   and the persons
lack maturity even to judge a thing on its merits even applying a modicum of  objectivity.

You  wrote about satyam param deemahii, if you say
the deemahi means that you have reached  some realisation, I will readily believe you
because I know you will not tell a falsity for the life of yours.

 I am only against pseudo intellectualism and crowd pulling techniques which I see in plenty hereabouts. 

Most of the time I feel like a post doctoral student sitting in the first standard holding a slate and slate pencil. . 

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