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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sekharipuram lore

No  Krishna mama, it was Gopalakrishnaswamy in Sekharipuram and Laksminarayanaswamy in LN puram..When the threat of Muslim attack came both the idols were put in a well as the local lore goes. While retrieving the idols, Lakshminarayanaswamy went to Sekharipuram and our Gopalakrishnaswamy to LN Puram.

 Even now our greatest wealth of Sekharipuram is our Laksminarayanaswamy. 
 It is one of the most beautiful idols one can ever see.  
The facial beauty of the lord is beyond description.  
We use to have a view of the Lord in full every twelve years when kumbabhishekam is conducted regularly.  
In palakkad most of the Laksminarayanan's will be connected with Sekharipuram. 
There can hardly be a house there without a Lakshminarayanan in Sekharipuram.  
The next most frequent name may be Vaidyanathan.  
There are also a lot of Gopalakrishnans in Sekharipuram. 
 We have a Shiva temple in Sekharipruam where apart from Shiva, Ganapthy, Gopalakrishnaswamy, and other deities are in pratiSta.  
Then we have the Emoor bagavathi temple.. for  mother Hemambika, 
 Ganapathy, and Ayyappan temples are also in the agraharam. 
 The nairs have two ayyappan temples, 
the chettis and thattans have a few mariamman temples, 
but the Mariamman temple in the southwest corner of LN temple pond is very powerful..
the pratishta there is said to be equal in potency with the Mother Mariamman in samayapuram.

You must see the google map of sekharipuram agraharam to see the beauty of the agraharam.. a well proportioned set of five streets with  Lord Lakshminarayana Swamy in the strategic centre.  

The Village was the first paradesi brahmin settlement  and it was gifted direct by Sekhari Varma Achan the ruler of palakkattussery and the village is named in his honour. It is an exclusively Vadama settlement
. The devaswams of Laksminarayana and Emoor Bagavathi are common and in the beginning all the property belonged to the daughter of the Village, emooramma and Lakshminarayanaswamy and his mami were surviving out of these properties. 
 Even now if you take a headcount the grandsons of the Village through daughters gained great eminence over the sons of the village.  
Take the case of  Justice VR Krishna Iyer or Shri  T N Seshan.. Both are grandson by daughters for Sekharipuram. Both have  brothers by name Lakshminarayananan.. 
both the Lakshminarayanans are also eminent civil servants and administrators.

Note:  With a heavy heart, I have to state that this post first came as a mail addressed to Sri Krishnan Vaidyanathan Mama,  a vibrant personality in the web..who suddenly and prematurely left us for His heavenly abode just two months ago... Hope you will be reading the posts in web from the heaven... Krishna mama   love  Kanfusion 16-03-2014

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