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Saturday, July 09, 2011

king the father

प्रजानां विनयाधानात् रक्षणाद् भरणादपि
स पिता पितरस्तासां केवलं जन्महेतवः॥२४॥
काळिदासविरचिते रघुवंशे महाकाव्ये सर्गः १
prajānāṁ vinayādhānāt rakṣaṇād bharaṇādapi
sa pitā pitarastāsāṁ kevalaṁ janmahetavaḥ||24||
kāḻidāsaviracite raghuvaṁśe mahākāvye sargaḥ 1

prajaanaaM vinayaadhaanaat rakSaNaad bharaNaadapi
sa pitaa pitarastaasaaM kevalaM janmahetavaH..24..
kaaLidaasavirachite raghuvaMshe mahaakaavye sargaH 1

( I am giving the ITRANS text also because the Devanagari and transliteration fonts  appear as garbage in some servers)

This is a classic definition of a noble king as portrayed by the immortal Kalidasa. In his first chapter of the epic Raghuvamsham, he is giving a pen portrait of Dileepa with whom Kaalidasa begins his Mahakaavyam.

The king was the father of his subjects 
in the matter of teaching them the proper ways of life,
 in protecting them 
endowing them with the most noble administration.  

For the subjects the fathers who sired them were only mere causes of their birth.

The most important function of a welfare state is to educate the citizens and to inculcate in them proper values that should enable them to exist as wholesome human being in harmony with their immediate and global environments. 
Any nation can be only as good as the mindset of the subjects and acquisition of proper education and values plays a pivotal role in character formation.  
Right to  education is getting accepted as a cardinal right in the opinion of our rulers only very recently.  
But our forefathers always were acutely aware of  its vital importance. 
The word protection used by the poet can only mean the bundle of inherent or fundamental  rights of human beings which have been described in volumes after volumes in the modern Administrative law. 

Protection of a citizen to grow within himself  
and protection from undue interference from external  unhealthy influences would be the sum and substance of the idea.
Proper  administration essentially is the process of striking a healthy balance between the individual rights and welfare of the society and state  as a whole.  

As the head of a family a father or a patriarch is a miniature of the King.  

When the King or the state is able to tend to the requirements of the subject,
 even the role of the father by genetics gets overshadowed.
True no one can replace ones own father 
but we have to give indulgence  for  poetic license.


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