pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, July 29, 2011

pseudo humility

The platitude of the people that wisdom is humble just stems from the fact that those who are not having the  wisdom but pose to be humble like the cat wearing rudraaksam to indicate  their own superiority. Many wise persons  from many ages were reasonably proud and arrogant..History is the witness. There is absolutely nothing to brag about humility... it is only either a make-believe of the arrogant for public consumption , or a sign of effeteness. The cliche has gone the rounds too many times. Every single person who was great in any way could become great only because he could showcase himself effectively through knowledge, valour, wisdom, charisma and often even guile. Truth is far better than humility.. I can only see a parallel statement, one who can do something, will do it, one who does not know much will tecah. Apologies to the efficient teachers.. I have also taught much

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