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Sunday, July 31, 2011

only an attack to kill can be of any avail here

न साम रक्षःसु गुणाय कल्पते
न दानमर्थोपचितेषु युज्यते।
न भेदसाध्या बलदर्पिता जनाः
पराक्रमस्वेव ममेह रोचते॥४१--३॥
श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामायणे सुन्दरकाण्डे

na sāma rakṣaḥsu guṇāya kalpate
na dānamarthopaciteṣu yujyate|
na bhedasādhyā baladarpitā janāḥ
parākramasveva mameha rocate||41--3||
śrīmadvālmīkirāmāyaṇe sundarakāṇḍe

Lord Anjaneyaswamy has reached Lanka to meet Maatha Sita and breaking through the security cordons through diplomacy and camouflage had met the Divine Mother 
and conveyed to her the tidings of Rama 
and also had handed over the ring of  Rama 
and had given her the assurance  that He would be back shortly taking with Him  Rama. Lakshmana  and the army of monkeys with Himself, Sugreeva the King and others in the vanguard.
 He had received Her  head ornament (choodamani) from the Mother as a token to be conveyed itto Rama.
After accomplishing his task in a grand manner, our hero, set out to have a global survey of the country.  
One thing that struck Him was the extreme prosperity and  strength of arms possessed by  King Ravana and his subjects.
 As an astute strategist, Hanumanji knew that when the country was at the peak of its welfare, it would be difficult for any strong foe to vanquish it., 

Then he is thinking to Himself 

"The demons here are not amenable to persuasion... 
they will not free the Divine mother out of lofty feelings. 
 The demons are flush with abundance and any offer of gift is not going to persuade them move even an inch towards sense. 
The people are almost like a single rock in their loyalty to the demon-king Ravana.. So   an attack to kill alone can be of any avail here".

A role model for all great strategists of all times, Lord Anjaneyaswamy always matched his action with the thoughts. 

His plan was to demoralize and cause destruction to Lanka to the maximum extent possible and wreak destruction on it in such a way that when Rama arrives with His army it will be a virtual cakewalk for the Lord. 
 So deliberately, He started destroying the flora and fauna in the favourite garden of Ravana.  
A few of the watchmen who tried  to oppose Him were despactched to the abode of Yama(god of death)  by speed-post. 
Whoever remained just ran off to Ravana to report the disaster. 
The fight started, and Hanumanji could finish off a huge number of the army-men of Lanka including some Leading Generals and also the younger son of Ravana, Akshayakumara..
After that he pretended as if he surrendered to the crown prince Indrajit, and was taken to the court of Ravana. 
There He delivered the proper message for the Rakshasa king...
After much deliberation on how to punish a monkey, Ravana and his ministers hit upon the idea of setting the tail of Hanumanji on fire since the organ that a monkey holds in great pride  is his tail. 
Jumping at the opportunity figuratively and literally, Lord Hanumanji jumped over all the strategic areas in Lanka, His blazing tail in tandem.  
The result was that the whole  country with stores of grains and armaments  was gutted. 
By the prayers of the Divine Mother and through His own Divine will, nothing happened to the tail, which He finally doused in the Indian Ocean and coolly flew back to India.
The rest is glorious History.

May be Anjaneyaswamy was the first living bomb...and military strategists and even extremists  of all times must have taken cue from Him.


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