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Friday, July 15, 2011

who wants to prevent it? eat to your heart's content

I am really amused how curious human mindset is.. Persons declaring either in anguish or in jubilation(i find more jubiliation) that in the present day social explosion there will be no next generation which could call themselves belonging to their age-old establishments and setups... Maybe there will nothing left for any  community to know what they were or to where did they belonged.  Traditions preserved avidly ...over more than a score of millennia have been effectively diluted in less than half a century. Still people are curious to know about the traditions . For what? To review them and destroy them if even an iota of the hoary past is ust alive awaiting for a pitiable death even without the good offices of the avant gardes? If there is not going to be any settled and crystallized religious or cultural  practices and all citadels and edifices are to be torn down and torched, why this curiosity. Searching for the prey? I pray god the microscopic remnants of the tradition, if at all they are remaining is some remote hamlet  or in the minds of some old fashioned impractical imbeciles, let them stay in the caves of those hearts. Why should the so called smarties try to pry them out of the gullible souls..It is like driving out a beast of prey to the helpless open space and  kill it effectively and ensure that nothing of the poor creature is left behind. It was well said that an axe could cut timber only with a wooden handle.
This is the edited version of what I was forced to post in a so called elite social group where I presume the members feel they know everything but at the same time they are free to do everything...even act as some super-gods
I could only recall an old joke.  A fellow was eating food sitting in a place where there was so much muck around.  Some well-meaning person requested him not to eat food in such an environs in the interests of his own health and hygiene.  Pat came the reply. "Who are you to tell me? Now see, I am going to add the muck to my food and eat it. Can you prevent it?"
Okey, who wants to prevent it?  Eat to your heart's content.

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