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Saturday, July 09, 2011

lokamatha does it

अवमुच्यात्मनः कण्ठात् हारं जनकनन्दिनी।
अवैक्षत हरीन् सर्वान् भर्तारं च मुहुर्मुहुः॥७६॥
तामिङ्गितज्ञः संप्रेक्ष्य बभाष जनक्कत्मजां।
प्रदेहि सुभगे हारं यस्य तुष्टासि भामिनी॥७७॥
तेजोधृतिर्यशो दाक्ष्यं सामर्थ्यं  विनयो नयः।
पौरुषं विक्रमो बुद्धिः यस्मिन्नेतानि सर्वशः॥७८॥
ददौ सा वायुपुत्राय तं हारमसितेक्षणा॥७९।
हनुमांस्तेन हारेण शुशुभे वानरर्षभः।
चन्द्रांशुचयगौरेण श्वेताभ्रेण यथऽचलः।८०
श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिरामयने युद्धकान्डे श्रीरामपत्ताभिषेको नाम सर्गं १३१
avamucyātmanaḥ kaṇṭhāt hāraṁ janakanandinī|
avaikṣata harīn sarvān bhartāraṁ ca muhurmuhuḥ||76||
tāmiṅgitajñaḥ saṁprekṣya babhāṣa janakkatmajāṁ|
pradehi subhage hāraṁ yasya tuṣṭāsi bhāminī||77||
tejodhṛtiryaśo dākṣyaṁ sāmarthyaṁ  vinayo nayaḥ|
pauruṣaṁ vikramo buddhiḥ yasminnetāni sarvaśaḥ||78||
dadau sā vāyuputrāya taṁ hāramasitekṣaṇā||79|
hanumāṁstena hāreṇa śuśubhe vānararṣabhaḥ|
candrāṁśucayagaureṇa śvetābhreṇa yatha'calaḥ|80
śrīmadvālmīkirāmayane yuddhakānḍe śrīrāmapattābhiṣeko nāma sargaṁ 131

This is a touching scene from the Vaalmikiramaayanam.  The enemies are vanquished, Matha Seetha is broght back to Ayodhya and the coronation of Seetha and Rama is just complete the source of all wealth anywhere Matha Lakshmi standing there as the empress of Ayodhya.  Srirama honoured all the guests like Vibhishana, Sugriva, Angada and others with costly presents. With a lot of affection and gratitude for the one unnamed benefactor the Divine mother just took out a garland worn by her and looked at Her lord Rama as if taking permission to honour the unique person  The Lord could read Devi's mind and tells her.  My beloved Seetha, you are the source of all wealth and fortune. You please present this garland to the person in whom the vitues  (i) splendour (2) sharpest intellect (3) blemishless fame (4) discretion (5) efficiency (6) humility ( 7) efficient diplomacy (8) intrepid manliness (9) valour  and (10)  wide knowledge are all present  at their highest level.  Without a second thought the Divine Mother presented Aanjaneyaswami with that Garland.  Wearing that garland the Great Hanuman shone forth like a mountain adorned with a white cloud which was emitting lustre with the help of the crescent moon being partially covered by it.

How strange.  The Lord honoured every other Important person but left it to Mother Seetha to honour the greatest person present there. One may even be persuaded to think that in the presence of the unselfish Devotee that Anajaneya swamy is  even the Divine couple is receded to the background. For a lady, be it the queen herself to present a garland worn by her to someone other than her husband would look amiss in this world.  But Aanjaneyaswamy is just Her son..When it comes to the love for a son even the husband gets obliterated.  The Lord was not an ignoramus. He declared the qualities to be possessed by a person to deserve such an honour fully knowing that there is only one person who will fit into the definition and that was doubtlessly Aanjaneyaswaamy.
By getting such a present form the Goddess of Wealth and welfare incarnate as Mathaa Sita, the glory of Hanuman might have got enhanced.  But is it correct to say so?  The primordial couple Narayana and Lakshmi standing there incarnate as Rama and Sita honoured themselves by decorating Lord Shambhu standing there as Hanumanji.
This is a great incident in Ramayanam which should be read and appreciated by everyone who worship even the epic itself as a godhead.
It may please  be noted that the entire Ramayanam is written in anushtup chandas in couplets but Valmiki describes the presentation ceremony in matter of fact way in a single line which is numbered as a sloka.  The greatness of that incident would not permit addition of any other material . it simply says  "the daughter of janaka  simply handed over that garland to the son of vayu '  What a Hero, What a donor and What a glory.. no comparisons.



  1. Ananthanarayanan mama being a devotee of Lord Sri Rama, Sita Lakshmana Anjaneya I had tears in my eyes when I read your writing.Nothing can parallel the love and grace of the lokamatha and nothing can parallel the devotion of Hanumanji to Lord Rama.Wish you and family Happy Pongal!

    1. Swati Barani I find some meaning in my writing on our culture alone, on such occasions. It adds some meaning to my otherwise very ordinary life. Thank you. Wish you a happy pongal. May Krishna bless you