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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Dhyanaslokam of Saasthaa....

स्निग्धाराळविसारिकुन्तलभरं सिम्हासनाद्ध्यासिनम्
स्फूर्जत् पत्रसुकॢप्तकुण्डलमथेष्विष्वासभृद्दोर्द्वयम्।
नीलक्षौमवसम् नवीनजलदश्यामम् प्रभासत्यक-
स्फायद् पार्श्वयुगम् सुरक्तसकलाकल्पम् स्मरेदार्यकम्॥
snigdhārāḻavisārikuntalabharaṁ simhāsanāddhyāsinam
sphūrjat patrasukḷptakuṇḍalamatheṣviṣvāsabhṛddordvayam|
nīlakṣaumavasam navīnajaladaśyāmam prabhāsatyaka-
sphāyad pārśvayugam suraktasakalākalpam smaredāryakam||

snighdha aaraala visaari kuntalabharam the bunch of hair arrayed with bright and slightly damp tiny hairs at the tip

simhaasana adhyaasinam being seated in a seat adorning the insignia of lion or sitting in the pose of a lion

sphoorjat patra-sukluptakundalam shining forth with ear ornament shed like a leaf 
atha and 
ishu arrow 
ishvaasa the bow
bhrut holding 
dordhvayam two hands pair of right and left hands 
neela kshaumavasam wearing silk clothes of blue colour

naveena jaladha shyaamam having the black colour of a fresh rain bearing cloud 
prabhaa satyaka sphaayat paarshvayugam having Prabha ( the wife) and Satyaka ( the son) on either side

surakta kalaakalpam 
having adornment all in dark red colour

smared aaryakam we should remember Lord Aryaka

This is a dhyana slokam of Sashtaa a form of Lord Ayyappa. Here he is called Aaryaka

The word analysis is given above..
The meaning is

We may meditate upon Aryaka the Dharmasastaa..

who is having shining tiny hairlets fluttering in the air from his tied lock (of hair),

who is sitting in a seat adorned with Lion insignia.. ( it can also mean that he is sitting in the fiery pose of a lion)

who is having ear ornaments shaped like beautiful leaves

who is holding an arrow and a bow in the two hands (may be ready to shoot)

who is wearing silk clothes of blue colur

who is himself having black colour resembling a fresh rain cloud

who is flanked on either side by Prabha the consort and Satyaka the son

and who is having decorations all around in deep red colour

( It has to be noted that Shasta is worshiped both as a Brahmachari and as a grihasta in different temples.. The names may differ. Some cite Prabha as the wife of the Lord while others say there are two named poorna and pushkala.)

The Sasta or Ayyappa legend is not from major puranas of old.. So local traditions and legends hold.
Sasta finds a major place in texts of Kerala Tantram.. especially Tantrasamucchayam..

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