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Saturday, January 28, 2017

skanda shashti

                         Skanda Shasti 

A very auspicious day for that beautiful and powerful God Subramania or Murugan..

I would love to share a few words on the glory of the Holy ashes adorning that cute warrior..
the words which are endorse by Shankaraacharya Himself

Lord Subramania was born to fight the Cruel Demons Like Soora, Simhavaktra and Thaaraka..

The Lord vanquished Soorapadma on the Skanda Shasti day, and gave Moskhsam to the demon by permitting him to be his mount the peacock and also the insignia in His flagstaff the rooster..

This happened in Lanka and the Lord Murugan (Skanda) stood on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, at Jayanti puram of Tiruchendur.. 
with his spear of Shakti pressed on the ground and held in one hand and casting a challenging glance westwards to see if anyone was left behind to challenge him in a battle..

With another hand he offered Bilva leaves to his Father, the Supreme Lord Shankara..

The lord Stands there in His most ferocious form -- 
the Supreme Commander of the Army of Gods just after concluding a victorious campaign ..
No force could dare to stand facing him..

He is also manifest in his six-faced form in Tiruchendur

After the glorious victory he is manifesting himself in all Royal glory..
The Vedas themselves wanted to praise Him and took the shape of a tree with lots of branches full of leaves.. and flowers 
( The tree according to the local lore is called Panneer tree) and the Lord is worshiped with these flowers and each leaf represents a great mantra of the Veda, it is believed..

Adi Shankara, was once afflicted by an incurable abdominal ailment.. and all medicines and yogic powers could not give any relief..
So the Saint Visited the Shrine of Skanda at tiruchendur and praised the Lord with a hymn. 
Subramania Bhujangam.. a beautiful piece of literature in elegant Sanskrit, composed in Bhujanga Metre..

It is believed that Shankara got cured of all His ailments by the mercy of Subrahmnya of Tiruchendur..

The main prasadam at the temple is the holy ashes which bathe the idol of the lord and is distributed in the leaves of the Panneer tree..

The greatness of this ash on the leaf.. "patrabhooti " is underlined at stanza 25 of Subramanian Bhujangam

अपस्मारकुष्ठक्षयार्शःप्रमेह ज्वरोन्मादिगुल्मादिरोगाः महान्तः।
पिशाचाश्च सर्वे भवत्पत्रभूतिम् विलोक्य क्षणात् तारकारे द्रवन्ते॥२५॥
॥श्रीमद् शङ्कराचार्य विरचिताद् सुब्रह्मण्यभुजङ्गात्॥

apasmārakuṣṭhakṣayārśaḥprameha jvaronmādigulmādirogāḥ mahāntaḥ |
piśācāśca sarve bhavatpatrabhūtim vilokya kṣaṇāt tārakāre dravante ||25||
||śrīmad śaṅkarācārya viracitād subrahmaṇyabhujaṅgāt||

Shankara Says,
Oh Slayer of the demon Tharaka, ( Muruga)
on just seeing the holy ashes placed on leaves in your presence, powerful and incurable diseases like epilepsy, leprosy, tuberculosis, piles, diabetes, fever, mental disorders, delusions, and enlargement of spleen just vanish within split seconds, and the demons afflicting people flee for their life..

The diseases which are cured by the Lords Holy ashes in the leaf given at Tiruchendur temple

Apasmaara.. epilepsy..
Kushta leprosy
Kshaya Tubeculosis
ArshaH piles
Prameha Diabetes
Jvara..fever unmaadi.. mental disorder, delusion
gulma.. the abdominal disorder.. enlargement of spleen

and if any evil demi gods or demons have afflicted the body of the visitor to the temple, those depart and bolt away on the sight of the holy ashes..

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