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Sunday, January 29, 2017

think and be wise

प्रविचार्योत्तरं देयम् सहसा न वदेत् क्वचित्।
शत्रोरपि गुणाः ग्राह्याः दोषास्त्यज्या गुरोरपि॥
pravicāryottaraṁ deyam sahasā na vadet kvacit|
śatrorapi guṇāḥ grāhyāḥ doṣāstyajyā gurorapi||
उत्तरं प्रविचार्य एव देयं answers should be given after deep thought and deliberation 
क्वचित् सहसा न वदेत् one should never speak impulsively and without thinking 
शत्रोः गुणाः अपि ग्राह्याः the virtues and good qualities of even an enemy should be accepted and adopted 
गुरोः अपि दोषाः त्याज्याः the bad qualities and vices, even the preceptors should be shunned and abandoned
One should never answer to a question or give his views on some issue without proper study and contemplation.

No opinions should be aired just on impulse or at the spur of the moment and without proper application of mind

One should not hesitate to accept and even adopt and assimilate any and all desirable qualities even if they are found in an enemy.

But bad qualities even if they are found in the preceptor or guru should be shunned and abandoned..

If the first two lines are followed social media will have to be closed down..

If the second two lines are followed we may not be able to differentiate heaven from earth..

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