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Saturday, January 28, 2017

merit vetoes minor defects...

व्यालाश्रयापि विफलापि सकण्डकापि 
वक्रापि पङ्किलभवापि दुरासदापि।
गन्धेन बन्धुरिह केतकपुष्पवल्ली
एको गुणः खलु निहन्ति समस्तदोषान्॥९२
vyālāśrayāpi viphalāpi sakaṇḍakāpi 
vakrāpi paṅkilabhavāpi durāsadāpi|
gandhena bandhuriha ketakapuṣpavallī
eko guṇaḥ khalu nihanti samastadoṣān||92
व्यालाश्रयापि haunted by poisonous snakes 
विफलापि having no fruits 
सकण्डकापि endowed with very sharp thorns 
वक्रापि gnarled 
पङ्किलभवापि having origin and growing in dirty marshes
दुरासदापि very difficult to reach or collect 
केतकपुष्पवल्ली the plant and the flowers of Ketaka(.Kewdā केवड़ा, Thaazhampoo தாழம்பூ, Kaitha കൈത or Ketaki केतकी)
. गन्धेन by its fragrance 
इह बन्धुः भवति becomes the loved one of every one
एकः गुणः समस्त दोषान् निहन्ति खलु. perhaps one great quality just eclipses all the defects.

The kethaki flowers blloom in plants
Where poisonous snakes have permanent camp
The plant never gives sweet fruits
The leaves have sharp and barbed thorns
The plant is gnarled 
The plant usually grows in dirty marsh area 
The flowers are very difficult to collect
But they are sought after by all as if it were a close relative, just because of its heavenly fragrance..
If one possesses even a single sterling quality, all his other drawbacks and defects would be ignored

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