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Friday, January 27, 2017

Musings 15

Before the creation of human beings which i believe is the last of creations who was praying to God ?Did he create human beings as sychophants?Can somebody answer my doubt?

A most revered Guru and guide for me raised this question..
My answer..
Who asked humans to pray.?
If there is a god who is perfect and omnipotent he does not have any reason or need for our prayers.
Perhaps the tendency of a fellow being falling to praise and sychophancy tempted the tricky and scheming men that we are, to try this technique on god too.
If a man sings before a stone or structure the stone or structure is not responsible for that.
We are from birth onward unreasonable demanders.
What to do?
There are so many idiotic things that we do individually and collectively jointly and severally..
If the poetic and lyrical beauty of Narayaneeyam
 the lilting melody of Jayadevas Geetagovindam.. 
or the lullaby of Harivarasanam 
captivates us, it need not be as a prayer or entreaty to God..

We can love God and even praise Him for all the order and mercy he has kept in store for us in this world..
Of course whether he did it out of concern for anyone of us in particular  is a debatable issue..

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