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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Musings 20

at some stage in life a person should realize the fact that happiness and unhappiness, accomplishment or lack of it, all are just within himself.. 
and even the thought that he can be happy or unhappy because anyone else praises or decries him is meaningless..

We find people around us, people who praise, who heckle, people who praise within sight and who condemn us when we are away.. 
people who will be friendly when we are well off and would kick us when the chips are down..

and if happiness from external things are sought, such pleasures are limited to situations where the external thing can give such pleasure.. example.. a child is happy with his mother and her breast milk because he depends for his existence on them.. 
But when he advnces in age his priorities change.. That is nature..

If we have faith in God and believe that God who is the source of all that is great is residing inside us, then too we can be happy with ourselves.. 

But even for those who have no faith in God, the source of their happiness is just within them alone..

We need not pretend to be happy with others when we are not really so.. Because play acting would exhaust us, drain us out and would lead us to depression, in a small or big way..

But I am learning now one lesson in life.. 
One should Ignore sources of unhappiness.. 
it is not necessary to react and buy more unhappiness. 

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