pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Musings 18

Rationality, reason.. everything just leaves me.. and only He can make it happen 

Yesterday, was just listening to some songs on that black naughty Krishna.. maadhava nee bhaa.... by bhimsen joshi, a couple of Ashtapadis from Balamuralikrishna 
No it is not just the cadence sweetness of the song or the lilting nature of the lyric.. maybe that would have soothed and made me happy..

But then, the feeling that that wonderful fellow must be just running around, playing, singing and dancing all the time.. ever happy and ever giving happiness.. that simply seeps into the heart.. and the response it evokes...
is it happiness, ecstasy, love..?. 
no... it is beyond everything like that..
The only desire at that moment..
" why don't stop this heart at this moment..?. I do not want to go back to old states of mundane realities.."

Yes, calling Him Krishna as just God is limiting and restricting Him..
Even God has to confine to a definition...
But Krishna does not.. 
Love you Krishna

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