pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, January 27, 2017

Musings 16

Some friend says.. one must understand his own weaknesses and shortcomings and try to improve failing which there is no difference between animal and human.

My humble view is that

man too is just an animal.. and some sort of discretion seeps into him by experience and instinct in various degrees.. 
There may be lesser animal in some men than in others..

But then rat is an animal,,, Snake is an animal.. Dog is an animal.. Cow is an animal.. Tiger too is an animal, so also lion.. 
They are all not of the same character..

There is no difference between man and an animal..

may be by learning and application of knowledge and wisdom, man becomes a better animal..
and finds himself in a place where he gains sufficient tolerance to live together with persons and situations which are not appealing to him and which he really does not like..

You cannot ever find the boundary line between man and an animal.. 
Of course if our attempt is to curb our baser and cruel instincts by claiming that we are not animals but men, I welcome that idea..

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