pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, January 27, 2017

Musings 12

but then God is a beautiful concept..
It can make even the most selfish of the human beings, the most arrogant of the human beings to admit that there is something better than themselves.. 
To do a pooja and chant a beautiful mantra
 with all its order and cleanliness, 
can make the day for almost any person.. 
Even the imageries and descriptions of poets.. 
of the likes of
or Keats, 
or Vayalar 
or ONV 
are all from their blessed  imagination. 
But our minds get elevated when we read them..

If the thought of God also can elevate us to some lovely heights, I see no infirmity in believing in God..

But if the same God is used to spread 
discrimination and hate, 
bloodshed and pillage, 
dishonesty and superstition, 
then I have no use for such God.. 
I do hope no one has use for such Gods..,

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