pachai maamalai pol mene

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

musings 1

religion or any faith should be there only to foster goodwill among human beings.. 

No one is ever born into any religion.. 

The cellular and genetic contents and physical or nervous architecture of any human being is not ever dictated by the religion he belongs.. 

And decent human life lies in one being controlled and dignified first in his own behaviour and deport..

Maybe use of force to defend ones basic existence may be called for.. 

But defence is not hatred, defence is not prejudice..

One can understand if one fights for food, if one fights for clothes and if one fights for his right to mind his own business at least to the extent it does not make inroads into similar rights of his neighbour

Of course even wars have happened in the name of religions..

But if an unbiased analysis of the causes and results of such wars is effected later, it is invariably found that it is not exactly faith or religion in is pure form but the tendency of vested interests in the establishment to perpetuate the ascendency gained by them was the real cause for such strife...

The leaders of faiths mostly fight for their personal gains and the paid coterie works for the crumbs..

but they create a smoke screen which mislead the innocent followers who are carried away by the guiles of these leaders..

What is the pupose of any religion if it cannot permit all humans to respect and love one another and facilitate their harmonious co existence..?

My religion is that..

If that is not my religion, then I do not want any religion..

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