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Thursday, January 26, 2017

measured silence...

भो भद्रं कृतं मौनं कोकिलैर्जलदागमे।
वक्तारो दुर्दुरो यत्र तत्र मौनं हि शोभनम्॥

bho bhadraṁ kṛtaṁ maunaṁ kokilairjaladāgame|
vaktāro durduro yatra tatra maunaṁ hi śobhanam||

ഭോ ഭദ്രം കൃതം മൌനം കൊകിലൈര്‍ ജലദാഗമേ 
വക്താരോ ദുര്ദുരോ യത്ര തത്ര മൌനം ഹി ശോഭനം

As the clouds gather as a prelude to rains, cuckoos stop singing.. 

This action looks very apt.. 
They must be knowing that the best thing to do is to keep quiet when the spokesmen and orators of the season are the frogs..

A nice lesson to learn from the happenings in nature.. 
In the spring season when nature is at here loveliest best, the cuckoos and nightingales sing to their hearts' content and add to the beauty and merriment.. 
There they are appreciated too.

Come the rainy season, the birds of song choose to keep quiet.. 
But the frogs embark on their noisy exercise.. perhaps, their pleasure is in making the noise and they hardly care if they are heard or not

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