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Friday, January 27, 2017

Musings 13

I happened to read some books in Tantra and Shakta branches..

It is clearly stated that the language of the Mantram is not the basic issue..

The discoverer of the mantra or the mantra drashta attracted the mantra with a certain sound and frequency.. and perhaps in a certain langauage..

The mantra will be effective if the same frequency, tone and timbre, intonations etc are simulated.. 
That cannot be possible when the mantram is translated..

There are great mantras in tamil.. maybe in other languages too..

But translation would not work.. according to mantra sastram..

But if you are raising arguments in a general way when the concept will apply to only particular situations, then there are no answers..

The language, machine language, software, hardware, operating system.. all should sync and there should be power too.. then only the system will work.. 
What will work in Windows may be garbage in Linux or Ubuntu..

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