pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Musings 17

God ... Krishna .. You make me completely lonely and listless.. 
I think Your idea is that I will try to develop connections with You, when all other connections get snapped..or shattered..

But the connecting ports within me are decayed and rotten.. 
How can I try to secure a connection with You.. and keep it too.. 

Krishna, I love you, but I am not able to reach up to you.

The rotten mind often refuses to get connected..
What am I to do..?
Helplessness.. Pain Tears.. and Your neglect..

Do you revel in my misery Krishna?

Your track record is baffling.. You are the source of all mercy.. But You are cruel too when You enforce Your will.. 
You did not avoid killing and decimating races when you could have easily saved lives . 
And Gandhari cursed you for that.. and Your own clan perished too 

You are faithful to ridiculous levels.. but You have proved Yourself to be unfaithful... unfaithful even to Radha..

How to trust You..?. How to back You..?
But how not to trust you ? How not to back you..?
You make me insane.. you make me mad.. 
Where are you?

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