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Monday, January 30, 2017

Musings 19

it is really very difficult to decide what is right and what is wrong

The decisions can be very subjective..
If I do something, or if someone who is close me does it, my first impression will be that it is right..

When the same thing is done by someone else, especially if that someone else does not have much of a mutual positive vibe with me,
my first impression will be that what he did not right.. not exactly right, or even patently wrong

We start our transactions, conversations, debates, all starting from the first impression... 

If the start itself if not definitely right, where can we find just and right solutions?

But there is one relief.. 

Human mind, be it yours or mine, has a rational side to it..

If one asks himself whether what he did does or will be doing will be right, and seek an answer from the mind and the brain.. keeping away the prejudices, preferences etc and keeping the general order and welfare as the aim, we will get the right answer.

Some may agree with such candid answers coming from inside and openly admit that in public and even make adjustments that could save the interests of all concerned..

But most of us are rather asinine and opinionated.. 

Our ego would force us to stick on to our prejudices even when the rational being within us would be prompting us to see reason

So, even if the process is rather difficult and vexatious,
let us have dialogues with our candid minds once in a while..
That can be the solution for many problems..

Another thing, when we see things and incidents at close proximity we are likely to act very passionately and impulsively..

We may even commit grave errors, get wounded and carry the scars for ever..

But if we look at the situation much later the hollowness and absurdity of our actions would be fully visible..

As boys two friends would have fought for a chocolate candy and in the fight, the candy would have fallen on the dust and both would have cried..

But the same two persons, say after a few decades, if they recalled the incident, would not be of despair, sadness or acrimony.. but they might at best have a good laugh..

I just wanted to mention that priorities in life change and it takes a lot of thinking and evaluation even to decide what really are our priorities.. 

We can even take a few hours or even few days to decide what are our real priorities.. 
and we can have periodical reviews too because nothing in life.. including priorities are static.. 

They are dynamic..

They change with time..

Anyway is it not better to have a clear roadmap when we start a journey?

I have to confess that I could not really understand my priorities and preferences in life even after a life of six decades..
I have blundered on

My resolve (at least I hope so) in the new year would be to understand, what my real priorities in life are, as on this day..

I wish all, including myself, a very happy and balanced new year..

Of course Krishna is there to look after all of us..

Krishnaya Thubyam namaH
कृष्णाय तुभ्यं नमः

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