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Monday, August 01, 2011

Rama's View on Civil Service

नियुक्तो नृपते कार्यान् न कुर्यास्समाहितः
भृत्यो युक्तः समर्थश्च तमाहुः पुरुषाधमं॥१-९॥
श्रीमद्वाल्मिकीये रामायणे युद्धकान्डे
niyukto nṛpate kāryān na kuryāssamāhitaḥ
bhṛtyo yuktaḥ samarthaśca tamāhuḥ puruṣādhamaṁ||1-9||
śrīmadvālmikīye rāmāyaṇe yuddhakānḍe

Hanumanji, after having accomplished His mission is now back in Kishkinda, and has submitted the report on the action taken at Srilanka.. meeting the Divine Mother, conveying the appropriate message, dealing with Ravana and his army and converting more than half of Lanka to white ashes.  Rama is very happy about the tidings,, Sundarakandam ends her and the Yuddhakaandam stars.. Rama is all praise for the wisdom and enterprise of Anjaneyaswamy, and while praising Him on his clarity of talk, thought and action, Sri Rama expressed his  views about the attitude of the servants of the Crown.
"If the Government servant (servant of the Crown)  even when  is trained and expectedly competent, fails to perform his appointed duties properly and with diligence, then he is to be treated as the worst among the worst of human beings"
Sri Rama  appears to have stated the whole of the Civil Services Conduct Rules in a single sentence.  Every human being if he deserves to be called as a human being should be true to his salt.  It is all the more so when he is earning his salt from the Government.  A misdeed of a Government Servant ruins the whole nation including himself. However, the greatest number of delinquents can be spotted in this line of profession. For every professional including the Government servant advancement in career and the attendant perks and pelf are the most coveted goals.  But no one should ever put his selfish interest above the interest of the employer especially when he is employed by his own country.
Some government servants working in offices are like Gods and Goddesses.  The colleagues and controlling officers can have no clue as to from where and at what time these persons will adorn their seats and give darshan to the colleagues and the public.  Equally curious is the way they just melt away in their seats  even during office hours and could be found in their favourite hangouts or hideouts,  the locations are too many to be left to the imagination of all.
I dedicate this to a Government Servant who is different...has been different all the time  and has lived up scrupulously   to the standards  set by the great King Rama.


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