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Thursday, August 25, 2011

absolutely resplendent but completely uncomplicated

सत्त्वम् यत्तत् पराभ्यामपरिकलनतो निर्मलं तेन तावद्
भूतैर्भूतेन्द्रियैस्ते वपुरिति बहुशः श्रूयते व्यासवाक्यं।
तस्मिन् धन्या रमन्ते श्रुतिमतिमधुरे सुग्रहे विग्रहे ते॥३॥
श्रीमन्नारयणीये दशकः १
sattvam yattat parābhyāmaparikalanato nirmalaṁ tena tāvad
bhūtairbhūtendriyaiste vapuriti bahuśaḥ śrūyate vyāsavākyaṁ|
tasmin dhanyā ramante śrutimatimadhure sugrahe vigrahe te||3||
śrīmannārayaṇīye daśakaḥ 1

It has been declared by great Vyaasa that your form is made up of only Sattwa (the most noble and unblemished Guna (character) and there is no contamination by the rajas ( the characteristic which triggers avarice, arrogance and self-importance) or tamas(the bundle of bad things like anger, tendency for unwanted aggression and destruction etc.,) in the the formation of your holy body. Because of that uncontaminated sattwa nature your form shines for th in the mind of the devotees without any distortion or concealment and provides the ecstasy of eternalalight and well-being for them. The extremely lucky devotees who have reached the point of realization, always contemplate on such form of yours which gives sense of sweetness when contemplated upon and also greater sweetness when contemplated upon.
Bhagavan is Sudhasattwa....the blemishes that are the legacy of us the mortals never contaminate His holy Form. This has been agains descried in detail in Srimad Bhagavatham. The staunch devotees find it very easy to contemplate on Krishna’s form since it is absolutely resplendent but completely uncomplicated.. complications arise only when someone is adulterated with ego and anger. The lucky ones are those who can enjoy the manifestation of Guruvayurappan’s lovely form in their hearts when it is described in words and reach their ears as sweet nectar.
Here Sravanam, Kirtanam and Smaranam, the ingredients of Bhakthi are covered..Hearing, praising and contemplation.

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