pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, August 07, 2011

it is one and it is infinite

Our ancestors and gurus were very kind and so advised us to contemplate on the absolute which is one in whatever forms its was easy for us to understand.  But as we progress in our enquiry we will realize that there is only one godhead which is to be searched and found out inside our own beings.. when we learn alphabets at the age of an infant, we first use large capital letters  and the technique of writing gets simplified  as we progress in the field of learning.. In languages like Urdu, sometimes all the scripts are not fully used by scholars who have attained great knowledge and scholarship ..they could do with just some notations.  But the rudimentary alphabet is as relevant as the complex calligraphy.. what we have to take care about is that the various aspects of god taught to us in different names of the supreme being should not instill in us a tendency to see the same godhead as many and wage a war of votaries of one name or shape with that of another.  Sagunopaasana for us is only a road... a road which should lead us into ultimate communion with the eternal soul, which has no names because it is unique and requires no identification by nomenclature. At the same time any name, Lord, Krishna, Rama, Vishnu Jesus, Allah (may his name be praised) or guru or  cat, rat, snake or monkey, I or you or he or we  can mean that supreme being... perhaps this is what many call advaitam, visistaadwaitam, or dwaitam.. it is all a matter of perception and our imperfect minds have their limitations. May Krishna bless us.

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